Formats for Uploading.  .Jpegs or .gifs are file types that work well for uploading and for web
viewing. Files should be submitted in these formats. Bitmap files do not have the quality.
A small file is all that is required. If you are uncertain how to create these file types see Resources

Digital Pictures. Take a digital picture of your work, upload to your pc and save as a JPEG,GIF, or
with a unique file name.
Note the name of the file and where the file is located on your pc (i.e., Desktop, My Documents, etc).
When you are ready to submit to our website, click Upload, browse your pc for the file you saved,
select it and submit.

Scanning. Detailed drawings or simple sketches are better scanned than photographed. There are
many options with each type of scanner. Please refer to your scanner manual or see Resources
below. When you save using “Save As” be sure you save as a file type of jpeg or gif.

Teachers & Friends -  Many school art departments will have access to a digital camera, a scanner
or the ability to save files as jpegs or gifs. Some of your friends may also be able to help

FASTSIGNS KC North – The parents of Ryan Kruse, Gregg & Diane Kruse, own a graphics
company, FASTSIGNS in Gladstone, and are willing to help at no charge those who do not have a
way to set up files. Gregg & Diane ask you email them rather than calling. Complete the form below to
email FASTSIGNS for help
.  FASTSIGNS can also produce large format prints if you wish to
participate in shows & exhibits put on by the Foundation.
Uploading Art
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Art uploads will be sent to an administrator and should be viewable within 48 hours.  
Thank you for your patience! Questions?  
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